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Dine on board, at a lakeside restaurant or self cater .... the choice is yours!

Whatever the occasion, all it takes is one simple phone call to arrange your catering for you......


Our caterers are happy to design a menu just for you.

~ Catering ~

"Catering is made simple so that you can just sit back and enjoy your cruise, safe in the knowledge that you are dealing with first class experienced caterers who can deliver that special difference you have been looking for...."

Absolutely first class catering is available on board from our caterers or you can dine at any of the fine restaurants or hotels around the Lakes. You can also make your own arrangements.

Onboard catering:


Al-fresco Cocktail-style catering has proven to be the most popular by far! Waiters circulate throughout the boat as they carry courses of your chosen menu to your guests. This is a very relaxing style of dining and allows you to be creative with the types and styles of food you select.

Gourmet Buffet-style allows guests to help themselves to a fine selection of delicacies that you have chosen for them. This style is slightly more structured and usually requires the use of plates and cutlery*.

Wonderful seated affairs for up to 50 guests. This is great for functions where guests do not need to move around too much, as they require tables to be set up which restrict usable space inside. Plates and cutlery* are also required and each table used attracts an additional fee of $20 per table.


Choose one of our recommended professional caterers. They have been carefully selected by us and have contributed to many successful functions on the Seabird. Call us for their details.

Have a chat with them and design one of many menu choices with their help. All styles of food and budgets can be catered for. Simply let them know of your budget range and your preference of food styles and they will design a menu that will be exciting, delicious and to your requirements .......your guests will be impressed! are a couple of our recommended caterers to call:

Jacqui - Heritage Cafe 0438 526168 Felicity - Metung Galley 51562330

Lakeside Restaurants & Hotels:

There are numerous places to eat around the shores of the Gippsland Lakes, so if you would prefer to sample the culinary delights of restaurants on land, then we can help you to decide where to eat.

We do have special "Seabird passengers" meal deals with 3 hotels located in Metung, Loch Sport and Paynesville, so feel free to enquire about these.

Self Catering:

You can choose to cater for your guests yourself or you may even have a friend or acquaintance that you would like to use. The choice is yours!

*We have crockery and cutlery available for hire at $3 per setting and includes - plates, cutlery, cups and saucers. Our 6-burner BBQ is for hire at $75.00 per cruise and includes a full bottle of gas and cleaning.


The Seabird can call in to pick up take-away food during your cruise. Alternatively, there are two super markets in Paynesville that will arrange finger food and nibbles on platters and deliver them for you before the start of the cruise. What could be easier?


A modern bar with lovely local wines and a handy galley for the caterers ensure your cruise will be enjoyed by all.

Bar service:

Our well stocked bar offers a selection of delightful local wines, refreshing Australian beer and soft drinks and of course a great cup of coffee or tea. We would be happy to source limited special refreshment requirements, such as spirits or French champagne, if you required them.

If you would like to pay for your guests, then we would run a bar tab for you that would be paid by cheque or cash at the end of the cruise.

Of course, if you wish for your guests to pay individually, then we will set the bar up for individual purchases.

(As a guide to costs, a glass of quality wine or Champagne is approximately $5, a stubbie of beer is $5, soft drinks $3 etc)

.......cheaper than pub prices!!!

(Unfortunately there is no BYO option)

Functions are tailored to your requirements and quoted for on an individual client basis.

Prices are surprisingly affordable.

Call now to enquire about your catering

Telephone: 03 51551246

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To contact us: phone 03 51551246